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As a child I constructed a light microscope using a block of wood and the lens from a penlight bulb. This simple instrument unlocked a new and exciting world of tiny organisms and cells. My early fascination with microscopes became a central theme in my scientific career as a biology professor and microscopist. With the light microscope I have explored and recorded the world of cells and tiny organisms using a variety of optical systems including polarized light and fluorescence microscopy. To probe within cells I have used the transmission electron microscope, an instrument that reveals their internal compartments and to view the surfaces of cells, tissues and organs, I have used the scanning electron microscope.

I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty of the world around me. With my trusty 35 mm camera I have been able to record some of its beauty and explore the living organisms that inhabit it, insects, plants and animals. I have been particularly interested in the wildlife and scenery of the prairies but I have also collected images from across Canada and around the world.

With the development of digital cameras and sophisticated computer software, photography has become even more exciting. I hope you enjoy some of my images on this website.